WGC Landscapes Ltd is able to offer a cost effective design-and-install service for any scheme with hard and/or soft landscape elements.


We work closely with a Chartered Landscape Architect with considerable experience in commercial planting schemes, new housing developments, refurbishment of pedestrian precincts, schools and environmental improvements, many of which have won national and regional awards.

Production of a detailed landscape scheme is usually a requirement either before Planning Permission is granted or as a reserve matter. We take this responsibility very seriously and liaise with the Local Planning Department as necessary in order to facilitate Planning Approval and discharge duties in respect of reserve matters relating to the landscape element of applications.

After initial consultation to formulate the brief we can provide a quotation for producing the required drawings to suit your project.


Backed by our teams in the three divisions of our company we can provide further a quotation for the supply, installation and maintenance of the approved scheme.